Theology in general concerns what we believe to be true about God and humanity. The idea comes from the Greek concepts of knowledge, or logos, as it pertains to God, or theos. Intentionally, we’re not using the word doctrine here. Doctrine has assumed the connotation of absolute knowledge, knowledge only seen from the outside, or in other words, from God’s perspective. While we have access to this perspective through the Scriptures, the world, our experiences, and other people, we have to humbly admit that we are each limited to a two-eyes perspective of the world and how it works. So in other words, our limitations require us to shed the assumption that we are God and embrace something more humble, something we call theology.

Our humble theology is growing. In particular this ‘about’ section is going to be one of the most challenging to decide what makes it here and what doesn’t, and for that reason, it’s going to take some time to develop.

So be patient. We’re working on something here that won’t be finished over night.

If you want an inkling of what we’re about, we’re simply about Jesus…Jesus as the central personality in the divine/human story. Jesus as the source material for how we live, think, move, and believe. Jesus as the central hope for our brokenness. Jesus as the one who propels us to justice, equity, beauty, ecological responsibility, civic participation, and servant leadership in our neighborhoods. Jesus as the King of an upside-down kingdom that offers love, grace, hope, renewal, redemption, and life to humanity. Jesus as the one who is making all things new.

So yea, I guess that’s our starting place. There’s lots more to fill you in on, but this is a good start.