Everyone Has a Story

We’ll say it again, in case you didn’t catch it. Everyone has a story.

Every community is made up of people with stories. Big stories and little stories. Important stories and anecdotal stories. Stories that made us cry and ones that make us angry. Stories that bring tears and ones that induce laughter. Stores that we readily share and stories that we promise never to tell. Stories that make us look good and stories that, well, don’t.

If a church is a community of people, then one way to look at that community is as a collection of stories. These stories are some of the most important information about any community, including ours.

One of the most primal ways to become acquainted with who someone is to hear their stories, so that’s what we aim to to do. To become good storytellers.

This page will take some time to mature, but our aim is to set aside some safe space for a creative project to share and receive good stories of who we’ve been, who we are, and who we’re becoming.

If you’d like your story shared here, contact info@churchofthecityportland.org for more information.