Our Rhythm

The basics of our rhythm are beginning to unfold this way: we see the gospel primarily pulling us in three directions as people and as a church community: grow toward Godlove our neighbors, and serve our city.

GROW TOWARD GOD:  We are made to be worshipping creatures, focusing life and attention on the One who designed us.

LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS:  We are made to be radically inclusive, welcoming anyone and everyone into our community on the sole basis that we have our humanity in common as well as living as citizens among our friends, families and neighbors. This means we choose love as the highest imperative when it comes to each and every decision about how we treat another person. 

SERVE OUR CITY: We are made to extend the love, hope, and renewal we’ve begun to experience ourselves in both what we do (love our neighbors and serve our city) and what we say (expressing the story of Jesus in meaningful ways).

We’ll share more on this rhythm as time goes on. For the mean time, we’re just exploring what a community following Jesus could look like that does more than simply gather together around the Scriptures, but aims to live into the fullness of the gospel as it shapes us.