Brandon Barlow

Worship and Music Arts


Sometimes words just aren’t necessary to communicate how cool someone is. I mean, just look at that picture, will you?! Brandon defines Portland’s laid back, genuine, passionate, eclectic style…but don’t call him a hipster. Just. Don’t. Even if the majority of his music is vinyl, and he rides his bike to work every day, and he lives in NW Portland, and he’s an artist. Just don’t call him hipster.

All kidding aside, Brandon and his wife, Rhea, are an amazing asset to the leadership team at Church of the City. Both Brandon and Rhea are natives of the Portland area and moved back to the area after a lengthy stent of life in Arizona. Brandon’s leadership is underscored by his love for people, music, and the city of Portland. Music is such a primal aspect of life for all of us and Church of the City’s worship team takes their role as artists, musicians, and worshippers extremely seriously…but not too seriously…remember, Brandon is a hipst…um…cool guy.