About Church of the City

Well, the short and long of it is that we’ve been a church community for just a short while now. At first, we didn’t have things like a name, website, or building…and that was on purpose.

First and foremost we want to be a community of people committed to the teachings, ethics, and practices of Jesus of Nazareth. We’ve all seen or directly experienced expressions of Christianity that had little to do with the actual ways of Jesus, so for us, Jesus himself is our starting place and long-term orienting principle.

For many of us we’ve struggled to make sense out of the difference between what we understand to be true about Jesus and what those who claim to follow him do and say. We realize that we’re as prone as anyone to making an utter mess out of all of this, but we’re not deterred from attaching ourselves to Jesus in spite of our own shortcomings. In fact, it’s because of our brokenness and mess that we’re compelled to explore Jesus in the first place.

It’s this very reality, that we’re each a broken mess and Jesus offers wholeness and hope, that leaves our community of faith wide open to anyone…absolutely anyone.

Our Community

Jesus was strikingly inclusive {see Our Theology for more on this topic}, welcoming the marginalized, gentrified, totalized, outsider, under-resourced, and under-privileged (as well as those at the center of his society) into his grand initiative on earth. The very idea that Jesus would leave comfort and safety, put on humanity, un-safety, and discomfort in order to establish a radical, upside-down kingdom on Earth shapes the very essence of our community.

For us, we see Jesus disrupting social normals and creating a radically inclusive, privilege-denying, preference-destroying, strikingly diverse kingdom community on Earth…and that’s what we’re growing into. That. Right. There.